Josh Bowmar shares three chest exercises that look ordinary at first, but with a closer look there are subtle differences that will make massive differences. Let’s dive in:


Single arm fliys with an externally rotated wrist position- For this exercise you will need a cable machine and a handle attachment fixed at the top. Then you will stand to the side of it one arm holding the handle, knees bent and the other hand on your knee for stability. Then you will pull like a chest fly into the middle of your body but instead of your palm facing down while holding the handle you will face it forward. This wrist position recruits way less forearm, bicep, and shoulder during a fly resulting in the chest being forced to do the work load. You can also get your arm further across the midline of your body putting more stress on the insertion points along your sternum. This will cause micro tears there which will result in deeper “cuts” along the sternum over time.


Single arm flys from the bottom- This exercise is almost set up the same as the one above, but you will need to attach the handle at the bottom. This will hit more of your upper chest. Keep your chest up and out when doing this exercise to get the most out of it


Fingertip presses-  You will need to cables for this one like you are going to do regular chest flys, handles attached to the top. Then grab the handles and pull your hands into your sternum and attach your fingertips and push forward! This exercise is overlooked a lot. Pressing your fingers together causes an involuntary contraction in your chest (try it right now, just press your fingers together). So doing this with added tension from the cables while also going through the pressing range of motion will hit your chest from multiple planes and axes of motion. This will crush your chest with little weight. Again, it’s not about the weight you use, it’s about how difficult the movement is perceived by your brain.


These three exercises will do wonders when paired together! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise CLICK HERE!