Josh Bowmar shares three leg exercises that you can incorporate into your next leg workout and even demonstrates it in a video at the end of this article! Let’s get into it:


Deep Back Squats: First, you will need a squat rack for this exercise then you can start by warming up with regular back squats and lighter weight. Once you feel warmed up, take the same light weight and get a deeper squat and hold at the bottom. Then start adding gradually adding weight, Josh Bowmar did 315 pounds for these squats. Make sure you are challenging yourself with these deep squats but also make sure you are keeping your form solid!


Leg Press with Bands: For this exercise you will be using a regular leg press machine but you will add a large band. Wrap it around the back of the leg press, where you lay your back. Then connect it to the top where your feet are so that you are adding extra resistance. Josh Bowmar did high reps for this exercise about 15-20 reps. Make sure you are also adding a weight that will challenge you! 


Leg extensions: In this exercise Josh Bowmar did them a little differently, instead of both feet doing the work, alternate them. You will need the leg extension machine, set the weight for one leg instead of two leg extensions but make sure it will be a challenge. Then when you have it set up, you will bring your left leg up first, bring it back down with control and immediately switch legs, so you will alter back and forth. This will burn so beware!


Try this exercise next time you are hitting legs in the gym, you wont regret it! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these CLICK HERE.