Josh Bowmar shares one of his favorite late night snack’s, pumpkin spice ice cream! Not just your regular ice cream though, Josh Bowmar makes it with Bowmar Nutrition protein. If you want to learn more about this 50 grams of protein and only a few carbs snack, let’s get into how he makes it:


First, you will need a blender. Then you add pasteurized liquid egg whites(Josh Bowmar says you can’t really taste them), milk of your choice, Josh Bowmar used almond milk! Add some milk, you don’t need a lot. Two scoops of protein powder, Josh Bowmar is using Bowmar Nutritions Pumpkin Spice protein powder. Lastly, you will add one cup of ice and blend! This may come out more of a milk shake texture, if you want it to be thicker just add more ice! This is the perfect late night craving snack, it helps you get those extra protein gains before bed and is a great way to cure your sweet craving. 


If you are feeling like you really need to get rid of a sweet craving this could be a perfect option for you! Josh and Sarah Bowmar created Bowmar Nutrition so that they could create actual great tasting protein powders that are sweet but still low carb high protein! They also wanted to share a protein that actually tasted delicious and could help everyone with their fitness goals! Try out this awesome Pumpkin Spice ice cream or even try it with a different flavor, Bowmar Nutrition offers many flavors. Click the links below to see Bowmar Nutrition’s protein powder flavors:


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To see Josh Bowmar demonstration video on this CLICK HERE.