Josh Bowmar shares his full leg day workout and demonstrates 3 of these exercises. These are basic exercises that you should be able to do at most gyms but they are very effective. Read below to learn more about this full leg workout and even see Josh Bowmar’s demonstration video at the end!


Heavy back squats- This is just your generic back squat, a perfect compound lift, with a barbell and added weight. First, start with light weight and work your way up to heavier weight. For example Josh Bowmar worked his way up to 375lb. You can work your way up to weight that is heavy and challenging for you!


Hack squats- For this exercise Josh Bowmar added a little twist, so instead of just a regular hack squat, you would cross your legs leaving all the weight in the bottom foot and squat with one leg, the switch legs! Josh Bomwar recommends doing right leg, left leg then do both!


Leg Extensions- This one is just using the regular leg extension machine but the biggest thing with this extension variation is to slide forward and keep your toes curled back towards you as you go through the range of motion. Josh Bowmar feels this exercise hits more of your quads than normal extensions especially in the upper portion.


Lying leg curls- This exercise you will just use a machine for lying leg curls, really focus on lifting as heavy with good form.


The last 3 exercises are: Hip abductions, hip abductions and calf raises!


This workout was 300 reps total, the reps and sets varied for each exercise. For example, since I was doing heavy squats the rep range was lower! Try this workout next time you are hitting legs and to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate CLICK HERE.