Josh Bowmar shares four chest exercises that you NEED to try out on your next chest day. Read below to learn more and even watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate!


Fingertip Presses-

For this exercise you will need a cable machine with 2 cables you can use, set up as if you were about to do cable flys. With to handle attachments fixed at about the middle. Then you will start in a kneeling position, lean your chest forward and hold the handles in each hand. Keeping your arms bent, push your hands together right up against your sternum. Then you will keep your hands together and push forward, arms straight out in front of you. Really focus on driving your chest toward the ground!


Reverse Presses-

With this exercise you will need the same to cables you were using above but instead of the handles use the bar attachment, that allows you to attach each side of the bar to the cable. Then you will hold the bar, palms up, arms right by your sides and stand with one foot in front of the other for better stability. Then you will lean into the bar and push forward, this focuses a ton on your upper chest!


Twist Presses-

When doing this exercise, you will just need the same bar you used above, but only attach it to one cable instead of both. Then you will get a wide grip on the bar and a wide stance. Facing to the side of the cable so that the bar is perfectly aligned with the cable machine, then you will hold your feet steady and twist your upper body, straightening the arm closest to the cable and keeping the other arm bent. This exercise adds in a little core to it, but it allows you to go past your midline on your chest stressing your pec along your sternum.


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these exercises CLICK HERE.