Josh Bomwar shares an exercise that helps with getting rid of loose skin or neck fat, it is actually very simple and effortless. As we age we lose elasticity in our skin which causes our neck and face to start sagging down. This exercise will help tighten those neck muscles and get rid of the looseness. 


There is a muscle in your neck called the platysma, it is in the front part of your neck. This muscle is connected to your skin unlike other muscles. Such as your bicep, if you were to pinch your bicep and flex it at the same time, the skin would stay and you would still be able to pinch it. With the skin on your neck though, it does not have the same effect since the muscle is connected to the skin you cannot pinch it while flexing your platysma, it will actually just pull the skin back once that muscle is flexed.


To make your platysma muscle stronger and neck skin tighter this is the exercise that Josh Bowmar recommends:

You’re gonna grimace, then you are going to roll your head back over and over. This exercise is an eccentric movement of that muscle. You’re gonna contract the muscle, then lengthen your neck while keeping that muscle contracted. Flex your platysma and roll your head all the way back and repeat!

This exercise only needs to be done about 2-3 times daily with 10 reps, so only 30 reps a day! You will definitely notice a difference in your neck muscles and neck skin, try it out!


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate this exercise, click the link below: