Stagnate cable curls- 

For this exercise, you will need a cable machine and one handle attachment, fixed at the bottom! You will start with one hand holding the cable, facing away from the cable machine and keep it down by your side. Then you will do bicep curls, make sure to not let your elbow drift back toward the angle of resistance. This will be incredibly difficult to do your first time. By forcing your bicep to work in two planes of motion at the same time will dramatically fatigue it and your Nero connection to your muscle. This can 1,000% trigger a greater hypertrophy and faster stronger connection to your muscle.


Heavy Concentrated Curls-

First, you will need 2 heavy dumbbells, one that is a little heavier than the other. Start out with your heavy dumbbell, place your feet in a wide stance, slightly bend over, placing your other hand on your knee for stability and curl. Drop weight if you have too but go as heavy as you can 4-5 reps!


Stroke Curl-

You will need an incline bench with 2 heavy plates, then you will lean on the incline bench, chest to bench and curl both arms at the same time. These are Incredible for developing the muscle on the side of your arm (your brachialis), developing this muscle will definitely help create amazing arm definitely and especially help make your shoulder muscles pop.


Rep and Sets-

When training one muscle group, Josh Bowmar tries to only train for 45 mins. As for reps, he does around 300 reps total in a wide variety of sets and reps. I usually go until failure on every set with enough weight I can never do more than 20 reps. His favorite rep range to failure is around 8-10. It’ll all depend on what weight you pick up. Hope you found this helpful, have fun crushing arms next time!


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these exercises CLICK HERE.