Josh Bowmar shares one rear delt and one front delt exercise, try these out next time you are training in the gym. Read below to see the explanation and see Josh Bowmar’s demonstration.


Rear Delt Workout: You will need a hyperextension roman chair and 2 heavy plates. Then you will start forward, facing the chair and grab both plates, one in each hand. Hold them so your palm is facing away from you, then you will lean forward and pull the plates up by your chest. Make sure as you come up you are switching your palms facing towards you and then you wan to make sure you are bending your elbows. Be sure to internally and externally rotate through the range of motion. To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate there will be a link below. 


Front Delt Workout: For this exercise you will need a cable machine, make sure it is fixed at the bottom. With a handle attachment. Then holding the handle with one hand you will lay on the ground, feet right at the bottom of the cable machine. Start with your hand down to your side then bring it out in front of you, with a straight arm. Once you bring it all the way above your head, bend your elbow and bring it down to your side slowly.


Try these workouts that Josh Bowmar recommends on your next upper body session, you will not regret it!


Rear delt workout demonstration:

Front delt workout demonstration: