Josh Bowmar shares a chest tip on max contraction training. What is max contraction training? Basically, it means overloading the muscle with tension at the peak of its contraction. It’s applying the maximum amount of force at the peak of your exercise or the “strongest” part of your range of motion. Josh Bowmar demonstrates and explains how to do it with a simple cable machine motion.


First, to set it up all you will need is a cable machine and a handle attachment. Make sure to keep the cable fixed at the top. If you know how to do a one-handed cable fly, this exercise is similar, with a few differences.  First, you will need to set the weight lighter  than what you use for your typical one handed fly that you are used to. Second, you will need to bottom out the weight against the cable rack at the top of the cable machine. Once you hit the peak of the contraction, you will apply a lot of force and hold it. You will feel all of that tension in your chest muscles. While staying in that position with all the force on your chest muscles, you can go through different ranges of motion. When Josh Bowmar is holding the weight in place, he makes sure the weight is still bottomed out through the whole range of motion. Then he will bring his arm up while feeling all the tension in the chest muscles.


Definitely give this one a try if you never have. It is always great to try new things and see how you like them! Who knows, it could become a part of your routine or could be one of your new favorite exercises. To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate and explain this exercise, click the link below: