If you are bored with your back workouts or just want something new and different to try, Josh Bowmar has an awesome back exercise to show you! You can try this during your next back workout. It will definitely destroy those back muscles in a good way.. You won’t regret at least trying it!


This exercise is a renegade row with a little spin on it. All you will need is two heavy dumbbells that you can handle, but that will challenge you, and the floor.  Easy enough, right? This isn’t your typical renegade row though. It is a little more of a challenge. Instead of just bringing one arm up at a time, you will bring one arm up and twist at the top. To learn more about this exercise, read below:


Grab both your dumbbells and get into a push up position while still holding onto the dumbbells. Then you will keep your legs at a wide stance to stabilize yourself. Start with one arm, pull it up like you’re doing a row but once you hit the top, you will twist to really flex those back muscles. Bring that arm down, then bring the other arm up. Repeat.  You will feel the burn! Make sure you are really squeezing your back muscles at the top to ensure you are targeting the upper back muscles.


Next time you are in the gym working out your back muscles, try this as a finisher. You can also add this as a regular exercise in your routine. You will definitely be feeling it the next day! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate this unique and intense renegade row exercise, click the link below: