Josh Bowmar shares an intense shoulder combo, you will have a crazy pump if you try this out! Read below to learn more details about this superset and even learn how then try it out next time you are training shoulders:


All you will need is two heavy plates! It is just two exercises: Front raises then superset right into “drive the buses”. It is two simple workouts, but they are both very effective. Read below for an explanation of each exercise! 


Front raises: For this exercise you will just need two plates, then you will just stand straight up. Holding the plates in your hands right by your side, then, raise one arm straight out in front of you and repeat alternating arms. Do 10 reps each arm and go straight into:


Drive the buses: For this exercise you will just need one heavy plate. Then you will hold the plate with both hands on the edge, just like you would hold a steering wheel. Then you will keep your arms straight out in front of you and turn the plate to the left and then to the right and repeat. Once you get to 10 reps, hold that position for 10 seconds, then do 10 more reps and hold for 10 more seconds.


Repeat this super set four times and trust me you will feel the burn and get a great pump! Try this out next time you are in the gym and see how it works for you! Josh Bowmar recommends trying this superset because it will help build muscle and challenge your shoulders. 


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate this click the link below: