Josh Bowmars shares an intense back circuit that will give you a great pump and help you build back muscle. Circuits are a great idea if you want to get a good workout in a short amount of time. If you only have about 25 to 30 minutes to spare for exercise, try this one out! To learn more about this back circuit that Josh Bowmar recommends, read below:


First, you will need a cable machine with two cables and a bench to sit on. Then you will need two handle attachments, attached to the cable. Keep the cable fixed on the machine in the middle or right where your arms line up with it when you are sitting down on the bench. Josh Bowmar recommends using a really heavy weight that will challenge you, but make sure it isn’t so heavy that you will get injured. Sit on the bench and face toward the cables with the handles in each hand.


For this circuit, you just need to do 20 reps and it will go like this: Five down the middle, Five right, Five Left and Five down the middle again. For the middle reps, you will sit on the bench with a handle in each hand leaning forward to grab the handles keeping your arms out straight, then you pull both arms in and bend them so that your hands are right by your ribs. Then when you do the right side, you will just pull your right arm in and for the left, you will switch arms.


Do this circuit about 5 times and you will feel the burn. It will help you get a great pump and build those back muscles! Try this out next time you are working out your back and want to get a good exercise in! To see Josh Bowmar’s demonstration video click the link below: