Josh Bowmar shows a pretty unique exercise that he would love for you to try out. Doing this exercise the way Josh Bowmar does will target more of your rear delts and some traps, and is less focused on your back muscles. It will definitely give you a great pump. Like Josh Bowmar has said in the past, it is so important to add exercises you have never done before and movements that you are not used to, into all of your workouts. This will ensure your muscles get stronger and grow quicker. This exercise also reaches muscles you may not hit as often otherwise.


First, you will need a cable machine, along with two cables. Then you will need to get two handle attachments and make sure the cables are fixed at the bottom of the machine in order to do reverse flys. Once you have everything set up, you will grab the handles, but make sure your hands are crossed and you are grabbing the opposite cable from the cable closest to your hands. Lean forward and bend your knees and then you will pull the handles back as far as you can with your elbows bent. If you pull the handles right up  to your chest,you will really feel it in your rear delt muscles and traps. 

Make sure you do a weight that is effective but not too heavy, then do as many as you can. Trust me, you will feel the burn in your back! Try this out next time you are training upper body or rear delts and traps. You will have to thank Josh Bowmar later! This version might not be for everyone but it is worth giving it a try.

To see Josh Bowmar explain and demonstrate this unique rear delt and trap exercise, click the link below: