Josh Bowmar shows us some killer shoulder exercises and a bonus shoulder circuit that will definitely crush those shoulder muscles! To learn more about these exercises, read below and click on the link to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each one. Try these out next time you are in the gym!


Front Raises: Get two heavy dumbbells that you will be able to do about 8-10 reps with and make sure it challenges you but isn’t too heavy. Then you will hold the dumbbells down by your sides. Starting with the first arm, raise it straight in front of you, then switch arms and do that about 8-10 times each arm. 


Plate Movement: For this exercise you will need a plate and you will need to be holding it with both hands. Start by holding it straight out in front of you, bend your arms and bring the plate around the back of your head and back out in front of you! This one BURNS, do about 8-10 reps!


Plate Twists: Just like the exercise above you will need 1 plate and all you need to do is push it out in front of you, arms straight and then you will just twist to the right, then to the left and repeat. This one burns, so beware!


Shoulder Circuit: You will need 2 heavy dumbbells that you will be able to do this circuit with:

First you will start with one front raise – both arms straight out in front of you. Go straight into a lateral raise –both arms straight out to the side of you. Then go right into a front raise to the top –arms start at the bottom and raise them all the way up above your head. Then finally, do a shoulder bomb – arms to your side palms facing forward and bring your arms up and around to the top. Then repeat!

Once you complete the 4 exercise circuit, it counts as 1 rep. Do 5 reps and 5 rounds!!


Click the links to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise: