Josh Bowmar shares this version of a curl that you might not have ever seen before! This exercise really targets those hard to reach muscles in your bicep and it gives you a little more range of motion. Josh Bowmar wants you to try it to feel that pump of a lifetime!

First, you will need an adjustable bench and a cable machine. The cable machine needs to be attached at the top of the machine and with a bar attached. Once you have those set, adjust the bench to be a little higher than if you were lying down completely flat. Face the bench away from the cable machine so that the top of the bench is almost touching the cable machine.

Next, you will lie on the bench with your head above the top of the bench and the bar in both hands. Now, you can just do the regular curls. Start with your arms straight and bring the bar to your nose by curling your arms. Or, you can try Josh Bowmar’s way: make sure your head is hanging off the bench and drop your head back, which might feel weird at first. Then you will have more range of motion to bring the curl down even further. Try bringing the bar down to under your chin to get a great bicep curl.

Try throwing this exercise into your regular old bicep day, especially if you want to see more results even faster. You want to make sure you are switching up your exercises as often as possible, so give this a try next time you are training biceps in the gym!

To see Josh Bowmar explain and demonstrate, click the link: