Josh Bowmar shares an effective back combo and a bonus tricep exercise. Try these out next time you are training your upper body and you will not regret it. To learn about each exercise and even see Josh Bowmar’s demonstration videos, read below!


Back Combo: Straight leg deadlifts, DB rows and seated cable rows.


100 Seated Cable Rows: For this exercise you will just need a cable row machine anda triangle handle attachment. Then you will sit on the bench, place your feet comfortably on the rests, hold the triangle attachment and pull back. Make sure the weight is at a challenging weight that you can still do many reps!


30 Straight Leg Deadlifts:  For this exercise you will need a barbell and depending on how much weight you can hold you will need weighted plates. Do as much weight as you can do a solid deadlift with! You will do 10 reps and rest until you get to 30 reps!


30 DB Rows: You will just need a bench and a heavy Dumbbell. Then you will put one knee on the bench and then one arm on the bench for balance. Then you will pull that arm up holding the dumbbell. This will workout those upper back muscles! 10 reps each arm and repeat until you hit 30!


Bonus Tricep exercise: You will need a preacher curl machine for this exercise, but instead of facing the machine you will face the opposite direction, resting your upper back onto it. Hold up a barbell, whichever weight works for you and do tricep extensions. This will allow you to have that extra deep stretch and really challenge your tricep muscles to push further. Try doing 10 reps of 10 sets and you will be feeling the burn like crazy!


To see Josh Bowmar’s demonstration videos, click on the links below: