Josh Bowmar shares a few at home workouts. If you find yourself needing an at home workout, read below and try it out. For these exercises you will need resistance bands, depending on how much resistance you are wanting you can use any size. Bowmar Nutrition offers: xx-light, x-light, light, medium and heavy. These bands are layered, not molded, which means they won’t “snap” on you. You can get multiple bands for different exercises as well! Resistance bands are the best way to get a good workout at home, since they can be used in so many different ways! Josh Bowmar uses Bowmar Resistance Bands and a simple towel for these exercises. 

Check out Josh Bowmar’s full body workout with resistance bands:

#1 Resistance Band Pull Backs: This is almost like a cable pull back exercise but instead of a cable machine, you will use the resistance band. You will hook the band onto something stable, then you will put a towel through it so that it almost feels like the rope attachment for the cable machine. Next, you will sit down with your legs slightly bent in front of you to give you a better grip. Then, you will pull back and really get those back and shoulder muscles working!

#2 Elevated push-ups: Now, Josh Bowmar uses handstand canes for this workout, then elevates his feet on something even higher and does push-ups. That is a very challenging exercise, so if you can not do it that way, use the floor and something that you can elevate your feet on. This will really work out your upper back, triceps and shoulders.

#3 Side to side bench jumps: You can use anything that would substitute a regular bench, Josh Bowmar is using a regular indoor house bench. Jumping over it side to side is a great HIIT exercise that works your legs and core and really gets your muscles burning.! 

#4 Resistance Band full body movement: You will need your resistance band set up the same way as exercise #1. You will be in a sitting position, knees out to the side. Then you will lie on your back pulling the band as far back and above your head as possible and shooting straight back up to the sitting position. Keep going quickly so that you feel the burn!

To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise, click the link below: