Josh Bowmar shares a great tricep and bicep exercise that you need to try out. This can be an awesome finisher, especially if you just hit triceps and biceps and want to amplify the pump even more. You can even use it as a regular exercise in your upper body routine. It is a quick and easy exercise to learn. Read below to learn more and try it out next time you are lifting upper body. You won’t regret it.


First, you will need a cable machine and the handle attachment. Then, make sure the cable is fixed at the bottom of the machine. Once that is set up, you will want to choose a weight that is appropriate for this exercise, but try to challenge your strength and go heavy. Then, grab the handle attachment with one hand and simply do a regular bicep curl facing the cable machine, palm facing you. Then, instead of just bringing the handle down and repeating that movement. You will want to do the bicep curl, palm towards you and then rotate your wrist coming down from the curl. Making sure your palm is now facing down and then behind you when you rotate your wrist and flex that tricep muscle. Just do a regular old tricep extension. Then switch arms and do it all over again and that is how you will do the tricep and bicep exercise.


Josh Bowmar used this as a finisher. He did 40 reps (20 bicep curls and 20 tricep extensions) each arm and then three rounds of this exercise. Try this exercise when you hit arms in the gym next and really challenge yourself. You got this!


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate and explain this exercise click the link below: