Josh Bowmar shares a unique whole body movement that is killer! This exercise is sure to burn your whole body when doing it correctly. Make sure to read below if you want to learn about this movement and how to do it correctly. This exercise is called Explosive Cable Thrusters:


Explosive Cable Thrusters:

For this movement, you will need a regular cable machine fixed at the bottom with a triangle attached to it as well. Once the machine is set up, you will grab the triangle attachment like you’re about to do a goblet squat. Hold the attachment close to your chest with your arms bent and shoulders attached to your waist. Then you will squat as far as you can, elbows almost touching your knees and then you will explode to the top with your arms straight above your head. This cable movement adds a lot of resistance and can make it very challenging with a good amount of weight added. Do an appropriate weight that ensures you are doing this movement correctly. Make sure to squeeze your body at the top. You will feel it in your whole body!


Josh Bowmar recommends doing this exercise for 20 reps! This exercise is great for a finisher at the end of your workout if you are in a hurry and want to get a good and quick workout in. This movement will kill your lungs but in a good way. It is high intensity and very effective. It can be used at any time!


Next time you are at the gym, add this quick movement into your workout and see how it makes you feel! It is sure to give you a great and sweaty workout! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate this whole body movement CLICK HERE