Josh Bowmar recommends everyone continue working out even when traveling. He lifts three to four muscle groups per workout while traveling. Normally he will do one to two max when not traveling. He recommends doing this because a lot of gyms have limited equipment and are different from what you are used to. Although this can make for a not so great workout, by sticking with supersets, you can make the best of what you have to work with! 


The exercises that Josh Bowmar shares from his workout are all used with just the cable machine. He says his most recent hotel gym was better than most and he had more options to use. Read below to learn more:


Cable Curls:  For this exercise, the cable machine will need to be fixed at the bottom of the machine with a bar attachment that you can do bicep curls with. Almost every bar attachment will work. Set to heavy weight and then you will curl up. Once you curl up, you will squeeze those biceps and do as many reps until failure.


Cable Curls Extensions: For this exercise, it will be set up the exact same way as the exercise above. Instead of regular curls, you will curl and extend your arms all the way above your head, so curl then extend! Bend your arms in between going up and coming back down. 


Single armed chest flys: First, you will set your cable machine at the top with a handle attachment and then you will be in the exact same position as  if you were doing regular flys. Then, pull., Do as many as you can until failure, then switch arms!


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these exercises, please CLICK HERE. Then make sure to give these exercises a try at your next upper body day!