Josh Bowmar always shares unique exercises, some of which you may have never seen or done before. This is probably one of those. Give this unique, challenging exercise a try the next time you are in the gym training your chest muscles. Josh Bowmar encourages you to do unique and different exercises on a regular basis because changing up your routine is so good for muscle growth.. If you do the same workouts all the time, you will not see as much improvement. Read below to find out what this unique chest combo exercise is all about:


Killer Chest Combo: First you will need 2 cables both attached to the bottom with handle attachments on them both as well. Then you will need a bench in the middle of these cables. It will need to be flat down so that you can lie on the bench. Once that is all set up, set the weight level at an appropriate difficulty for this exercise.. You will bring the cables to the middle and lie on the bench. Then bring your arms above your head with the handles in each hand. Bring your fingertips together and make sure they never detach. Bring your arms from above your head all the way to down to your hips, keeping your arms straight the entire time. Do about 10 reps and go straight into chest presses with the cables. 


This combo is KILLER and will leave you sore! Josh Bowmar recommends: Press your finger tips together as you go through your range of motion, do 10 reps, then do cable presses to failure. Repeat for 3-5 rounds. Your chest will thank me later!


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these exercises, click the link below: