Josh Bowmar shares the importance of hammer curls and demonstrates the correct and most effective way to do them. He also shares why he thinks it is important to incorporate this exercise into your workout routine. These will kill your bicep muscles and will have your biceps feeling weak after you’re done. To learn more read and watch Josh Bowmar explain and demonstrate hammer curls.


Josh Bowmar uses a bench and a dumbbell. Grab a dumbbell that is heavy but comfortable for you to do hammer curls. Use a bench that is adjustable, and adjust the bench in a sitting up position. Then stand behind the bench and use the back of the bench (the top of the chair) to rest your forearm on.Then you will face your palm inward but to the side (dumbbell is held in an upright position), then you will keep your wristed turned in that position. Lean forward into this position, knees bent, one arm resting on the bench and the other ready for curls. Then start your hammer curls.


Why should you do Hammer Curls?

Josh Bowmar gives a few reasons for why you should do hammer curls: First and foremost they target the long head of the biceps, your brachialis (little muscle on the side of your arm) and your forearm (specifically your brachioradialis). Your brachialis muscle actually has a lot to do with your grip strength. So, if you find your grip gives out doing deadlifts or pull ups, you should definitely be doing more hammer curls to increase grip strength. Also building bigger forearms will give the illusion of smaller elbows , which will give you a more aesthetically pleasing physique.


Try this exercise out on your next bicep day! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate this exercise click the link below: