Josh Bowmar shares two chest workouts that are sure to work those chest muscles and give you a real challenge. They are both done on the cable machine. Be sure to add these into your next chest workout at the gym. They will not disappoint! To learn more about these workouts and how to do them, read below:


#1-Cry Babies: Josh Bowmar has always called these the “cry babies.” It is a pretty fitting name and you will see why once you try it out! First you will need two cables fixed right at arm length when your arms are spread out to the side. They will need the handle attachments as well. Once that is set up, you will bend your arms in with your hands right at the top of your chest. Then you will push your hands to the middle and cross your arms. Do that over and over again. You will feel the burn! Josh Bowmar loves these because this exercise really allows massive range of motion and gets that chest stimulated.


#2- Single arm cable flys: This will be set up the exact same way as the exercise above, but you will only use one cable. Once it is set up and set to a comfortable weight, you will start with slow one armed cable flys and then speed it up at the end to feel the burn. Josh Bowmar recommends this exercise because it adds more range of motion and more stress on your pecs insertion point along your sternum. So this is more stressful simply because you can go so much further across your body’s midline without your other hand in the way. When you do this, don’t be surprised if you feel micro tearing along your sternum. That’s normal and great!


Pair these exercises up in your next workout and you will feel the pump! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these workouts click the links below: