Josh Bowmar shares three effective chest exercises that can be done in any gym! Check it out and even try adding these exercises into your next chest day. The goal is to hit 300 reps with 4-5 exercises. Every exercise is done until failure!

Warm up:

Chest Dips – You will need a dip machine or somewhere you can do a normal dip. You want to make sure you aren’t doing a regular tricep dip, which would mean you are straight up and then doing dips. When targeting your chest, you want to be leaning forward at a 90 degree angle, then dip! Try doing as many as you can until failure. Josh Bowmar did 40 unbroken and then finished the last 10 reps to ensure he hit 50!


1 – DB Presses: For this exercise, you need a bench and two dumbbells that are an appropriate weight for you and this exercise

2 – One handed cable flys: For this exercise, you will need a cable machine fixed to the top with the handle attachment. Once you are set up, do this as you would normally do a cable fly, but only use one hand. Then you will lean forward, leaving your other arm leaning against the inside of your opposite thigh. 

3 – Side plank cable fly: This exercise is set up the exact same as the one above. This is a unique and difficult exercise. First, you will need to be in a side plank with your arm extended and one hand on the ground holding you up. Grab the handle and pull it down to your other arm that is on the ground. This is a great way to do cable flys.

Remember the goal is to hit 300 reps with 4-5 exercises and do every exercise until failure! You can do the workouts as many rounds as needed to hit that 300 reps goal.

To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise CLICK HERE