Josh Bowmar shares his tips and tricks to getting a better and more effective bicep workout. He will also go over an exercise you can try next time you are working out your biceps. Here is what Josh Bowmar has to say about training your biceps more effectively:


Josh Bowmar says, the long head bicep, which is your bicep muscle, actually inserts at your radial tuberosity, which is on the radius of your forearm. So, when you rotate your arm and wrist, it rotates the radius which then contracts the bicep. For a better description: if you hold your forearm out with your palm facing down and you rotate your arm to have your palm now be facing up, this is called supinating! This is a great thing to keep in mind while training your biceps. You can really take advantage of it and incorporate this tip into many exercises. This can make the exercise more difficult and help build those hard to reach bicep muscles. 


Josh Bowmar recommends trying this concept in this exercise: you will need a cable machine fixed at the bottom with a rope attachment. Then you will need to start like you are doing a regular bicep curl but you will rotate your arm/wrist at the very top and squeeze your bicep muscles. This will get that supination into your movement and really hit your biceps.  


You can even do this when using dumbbells, heavy weights and doing a normal bicep curl and rotate at the top just the same as the cable machine curls. 


Try this next time you are training biceps. Trust me, you will be hitting muscles in your bicep you didn’t even know you could reach! CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate and explain this movement and educational piece.