Josh Bowmar demonstrates and shares his killer arm circuit. These arm workouts are mostly bicep focused, but will hit other muscles as well! Read below to check out these four exercises and try them out next time you are in the gym.


1-Plate Preacher Curls: 10-20 reps

For this exercise, you will need a preacher curl bench and a weighted plate that is a good weight for you. Then you will need to put your arms on the bench while holding the plate like you are going to do bicep curls, but you will lay your head down in between your biceps. Once you are in this position, start doing bicep curls and bring the plate behind your head and all the way to your back. This will ensure you are getting a good bicep workout.


2-Leaning Over Angled Out Curls: 10 reps

To achieve this workout, you will need a barbell that is an appropriate weight for you. Then you will need to lean forward and make sure your back is straight. You can also see Josh Bowmar demonstrate in the link below! Make sure you have a wide grip and once you are ready, curl up!


3-Heavy Hammer Curls: 5 reps each arm

This workout is just regular hammer curls but at the heaviest weight you can do! For example, Josh Bowmar used 70’s and then dropped to 55’s! Use a weight that you can only do 5 reps of each arm with. Really challenge yourself with this one!


4-Banded Preacher Curls: 6-8 reps

For this exercise, you will also need the preacher curl bench, a barbell and a band! Josh Bowmar is using Bowmar Nutrition’s light band. He attaches it to the middle of the bar and the bottom of the preacher curl bench. This adds a lot of resistance which can really challenge your biceps! Once it is set up, just curl up!


Josh Bowmar recommends doing 8 rounds of this circuit. This will kill those arms! Give it a try when you are in the mood for a good challenge! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these exercises CLICK HERE