Josh Bowmar is currently doing a low carb diet!  Read below to find out why he likes this style of dieting, and learn why it might be a perfect fit for you.


Josh Bowmar believes the reason everyone should at least try this style is because metabolic flexibility. If you aren’t metabolic flexible, you are probably glucose dependent, which leads to more sugar cravings and frequent hunger pain. This can make it really hard for you to do most diets. If you are glucose dependent, you are also more likely to be more moody, tired or “hangry” when you are hungry. In other words, you are carb dependent. This means you aren’t very metabolically adaptive.


Maybe you can go without eating carbs and be good all day. This means you are probably metabolically adaptive, which means you can go back and forth with eating carbs and fats. This is the goal! Metabolic flexibility is amazing and in Josh Bowmar’s opinion, that’s what everyone’s goal should be!Josh Bowmar thinks that while a low carb diet is not the only way to achieve metabolic flexibility, it IS one of the easiest, since it stabilizes your blood sugar, giving you energy throughout the day.

When following a low carb diet, people think you are only burning fat for energy, which is not necessarily true. There is a process in your body called glycogenesis. This is where your body can convert fat or protein into glucose. This means your body can make its own carbs! Whenever you need more glucose, for example if you are using extra brain power, your body will make that glucose. It’s a difficult process and burns a lot of calories, which is awesome because by creating your own carbs and not ingesting them, you reduce inflammation, especially in your gut, feel better, and become leaner.. 

When Josh Bowmar becomes leaner, that is when he will start to eat more carbs. He will eat a low carb diet for 2-4 days, then add in more on the other days to help with building muscle and increasing energy.. As with all food, Josh Bowmar recommends eating healthy, complex carbs.  When you lose a lot of body fat you don’t have a lot of fat left to use for energy. This means your body is constantly making glucose. While good for improving insulin sensitivity, this is also taxing on your energy levels. This is where adding carbohydrates back in comes in – helping increase energy levels again by allowing your body to burn carbs for a time, rather than just fat.


Josh Bowmar recommends at least trying a low carb lifestyle for a few weeks to see how it makes you feel. If you struggle at first, your body is probably just working hard to convert from being glucose dependent to attaining metabolic flexibility so it can burn fat and carbs together. Most people would benefit from this workout, Josh Bowmar recommends at least trying it out for a few weeks to see and if you struggle at first your body is probably just trying to convert from being glucose dependent to metabolic flexibility where it can burn fat and carbs together.