Josh Bowmar shares a brutal leg workout that will destroy your leg muscles in the best way possible! Josh Bowmar also shares all the rules on how to achieve this brutal workout to get the best results. He will also go over all the reps and sets for this small leg circuit. Read below to learn more and if you would like to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate, click the link at the bottom of the blog.


For this workout, you will need a power front squat machine or hack squat machine. Instead of using it the normal way, you will face towards the machine with the shoulder placements resting on top of your shoulders. The weight should be adjusted to your own body weight or even more if possible. To start the squat, you will need to stay on your toes and squat until your reps are up, then adjust yourself onto your heels and squat. When doing these intense squats, make sure you are going depp. This will ensure you hit many muscle groups within your legs.




1: Reps and Sets: try doing tenreps on your toes then ten reps on your heels with no rest in between. Try your best to do three whole sets like Josh Bowmar does!

2: Weight: must match your body weight or a little more.

3: Make sure to be below parallel.

4: You must be on a hack squat machine.

This isn’t an easy workout so don’t be hard on yourself. Josh Bowmar recommends giving this leg workout a try next time you are in the gym. He also says this very small circuit will crush you so make sure to be tough and push yourself! To watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate this exercise CLICK HERE and watch very carefully!