Josh Bowmar shares an intense back circuit that he did for his workout. This workout includes four exercises total, broken into two supersets. Josh Bowmar says that the goal is to complete five rounds of five–ten reps of each exercise with minimal rest–no more than 45-60 seconds between each exercise.


#1 Lat Pulldowns: You will need a double cable machine and two handle attachments fixed at the top. Once you have it set up, sit on the ground with your knees up, and make sure you are in a stable position. Then you will hold onto the handles, with your arms straight up and pull down to the side. Make sure you focus on those back muscles during this movement. Do ten lat pull downs!




#2 Cable Pullovers: For this workout, you will need a single cable machine, fixed at the top with a bar attachment. You will start by kneeling on the ground, slightly propped up. Then you will do regular cable pullovers. Really use those back muscles on this one and make sure to do ten reps!




#3 Seated Rows: For this exercise, you will use the seated row cable machine, with the triangle attachment. Once that is set up, you will do regular seated rows, making sure to use heavy weight on this exercise. Then do ten strong reps!




#4 Locked in Rows: For this workout, you will use the exact set up as #3 but instead of sitting on top of the bench you will sit on the floor with the bench in front of you. Keeping your chest locked to the back of the bench and doing regular rows, this will definitely hit those back muscles. Josh Bowmar Tip for this workout: you can adjust the height by sitting on plates to make sure the bench is right at your chest.


Give this workout a try next time you are in the gym working out your back! This is a great circuit and a good challenge! To watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate CLICK HERE.