Josh Bowmar shares three chest exercises that when paired together, make the ultimate chest workout.. Try these exercises on your next chest day:


#1 Plank Flys: This exercise is not easy. The first time you try it will be very challenging but who doesn’t love a challenge!? First, you will need a cable machine fixed at the top, with one handle attachment. Make sure the weight is doable, but still challenging. Then, next to the cable machine you will be in a push up position with one hand holding the handle out to the side. Pull the cable down, close to your other hand that is placed on the floor. Josh Bowmar says that this version of cable flys hits your chest differently. Different is good because you are probably hitting muscles you don’t often get to, which will help grow your chest muscles. If you continue to do normal flys all the time you won’t see much of a difference. Give this workout a try!


#2 Single Arm Flys (from the bottom): First, start with the cable machine fixed at the bottom and one handle attachment. Make sure the weight is challenging. Then standing, you will pull the cable in from the bottom. Josh Bowmar says to be sure to keep your chest up and out when doing this exercise. It will benefit you the most. This workout will hit more of your upper chest. Try it out!


#3 Single Arm Crossbody Flys: This exercise starts just like that last one, with the cable fixed at the bottom with the handle attachment. First, do a normal fly and pull your arm in. Once your arm is in, you will raise your arm straight out in front of you. Josh Bowmar likes this exercise because it is considered max contraction training, which means applying the maximum amount of force (tension) at the peak of your exercise or the “strongest” part of your range of motion.


You will be shocked at how effective these exercises are as a pair. Try them out!


CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise.