Josh Bowmar shares his killer ab workout: 3 exercises, 3-4 sets and as many reps as you can until failure. This workout will burn your core but mostly hit your lower abs. For all of these workouts, you will start in the same position, sitting on the bench with your hands gripping the bench for stability.

#1 Weighted Side to Side V-ups: This one starts with a dumbbell on the ground in front of you and another dumbbell in between your ankles for extra weight to make it more challenging. Then in the sitting position, you will lift up your legs squeezing the weight between your ankles and going side to side over the dumbbell on the ground. Keep your hands on the front of the bench for the best stability. This one burns your core. Make sure you do it until failure!

#2 Weighted in and outs on the bench: This one starts the same as the workout above. The weight is in between your ankles. Keep your hands gripped on the front of the bench. Lift your legs off the ground with the weight gripped between your ankles and flatten your body out. Your legs and upper body go straight out, then bring your knees up to your upper body and crunch together. Squeeze your core when you come together. This burns your abs,especially with the weight!

#3 Bench V-ups: For this exercise, you don’t need to use a weight. You start by sitting up, legs straight out in front of you. Put your hands on the back of the bench and grip for the best and easiest form. Then bring your legs up towards your upper body, keeping them straight and locked together and almost make a V shape out of your body.

Give this workout a try the next time you’re in the gym for a killer finisher to any workout!!

CLICK HERE: to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise!