The best and most beneficial way to burn the most body fat is: Fasted Cardio! Fasted Cardio is when you do cardio and haven’t eaten in a certain amount of time. For example, the best time would be right when you wake up, since you probably haven’t eaten in the last 7-10 hours. Josh Bowmar suggests steady state cardio while fasting is the best form of cardio for burning fat, because it’s lower intensity. Fasted cardio is the best for burning body fat. There are no insulin spikes in your body because there is no food in your body, so it allows your body to process fat for energy. Your insulin levels play the biggest role in fasting and burning fat. When your insulin is spiked, your body will not break down fat for energy. When you have been fasting, your body has no available energy in the bloodstream and no glucose, so your insulin is bottom lined. This means when doing fasted cardio, your body creates its own energy, and that energy usually comes from fat!

According to Josh Bowmar, HIIT cardio can be a great form of cardio as well. Your body doesn’t like to use fat when doing HIIT exercises because it needs to be able to burn faster. Instead, it uses glycogen. If you have been fasting, you haven’t eaten in a few hours, and your body doesn’t have a lot of glycogen. So, where does this glycogen come from? Our bodies store it in our muscles and liver. Even without eating, we store about 400g of glycogen but this varies depending on your body size. If your body is in Ketosis or you are eating a low carb diet, your body can still create glycogen through a process called glycogenolysis. In this process, your body breaks down protein and turns it into glucose. That is what your body uses while exercising, which is really good for you and helps you get lean!

This can be hard on your body and hard to get used to, because it puts your body into a stressful environment but that can actually help you burn more body fat and calories. Josh Bowmar also suggests if you are trying to build muscle and have a low body fat percentage this might not be the best thing for your goals. If this is you, eating before a workout and having about 5 meals a day can help you get those goals! In general, though, fasted cardio is great for burning body fat!

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