Try Josh Bowmar’s Favorite Chest Exercises! You are guaranteed to get a GREAT pump! There are 5 Chest Exercises, 300 reps all together, 60 reps each exercise. You will need 2 cable cords with handle attachments, just like you’re doing regular cable flys. While doing these chest exercises, make sure you do them in all out failure sets, but still go at your own pace and do as many as you can until you have to stop. Depending on the weight you choose, you can go all 60 or if you go heavier you can stop at about 25-30 and keep doing that until you get to 60 reps each exercise. You can really push yourself with this one. Each exercise starts almost the same. You will start facing away from the cables with a handle in each hand with your chest up! There are explanations and pictures below!

#1 Heavy Presses: The Cable is fixed at the top of the machine. Start on your knees, keeping your chest up but lean forward just a little, and press down at an angle as shown in the pictures below!

#2 Bottom up Fly: For this chest exercise, the cable is fixed at the bottom of the machine. Keep chest up and out, arms behind you at the bottom gripping the handles. Make sure when you get tired, you’re keeping that chest high and not just using your shoulders!

#3 Top Down Fly: Cable is fixed at the top and again, keeping your chest up is going to be the most beneficial part of this chest exercise. When your chest is high, you’re able to focus on the chest muscles and not your shoulder muscles. 

#4 and #5 Push-up Cable Fly/Push ups: This chest exercise also starts with the cable fixed at the top. You will need to go into a push up position. Put the handle at an angle instead of flat to a push up, then do 1 handed flys. Alternate those hands until you hit 60 reps, then for the last workout finish off with 60 push ups!

CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar explain each exercise.

Pictures of Josh Bowmar demonstrating the exercises below:

#1: Heavy Presses

#2: Bottom Up Fly

#3: Top Down Fly

#4: Push-Up Cable Fly

#5: Push ups