Apex Sticks are a delicious Protein filled meat snack with great tasting flavors! They have 11g of Protein, 90 Calories, 0g Sugar, 1g Carbohydrates and they are 1.5 ounces of high quality meat. Apex protein sticks are without a doubt the best meat sticks on the market and here’s why: Apex sticks don’t have any added fillers or sugars. They have the same amount of protein as other popular meat sticks but they are almost half the size. So, what’s in the gas station meat sticks, you might ask? Most brands are known to use “mechanically separated chicken” as their main ingredient and most of the time are not pure meat because they use added fillers and sugars. Apex is a pure meat stick, made with 100% real Venison and Elk meat. These sticks are also low sodium and gluten free. Apex Sticks have less than half the ingredients than s other meat sticks. Common gas station meat sticks have around 260 calories and Apex Sticks have only 90 calories, which is almost ⅓ of the calories with the same amount of protein. Apex Sticks are also cheaper than gas station sticks if you buy them in the pack of 12. If you would like to try a pure meat stick with clean ingredients, you can buy Apex Sticks in boxes of 12 or just as individual sticks! They come in two flavors: Jalapeño and Original.

List of Ingredients Apex Uses: Beef, Water, Elk, Venison, Sea Salt, Corn Syrup Solids, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Spices, Garlic, Onion, Sodium Nitrite. Original Apex is made with Venison and Jalapeno is made with Elk meat!

Apex sticks are made for a quick push before a workout, during an outdoor activity or even just a delicious protein filled snack to keep you full and energized!

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