Try this simple and effective workout recommended by Josh Bowmar:3 exercises, 100 reps each exercise and 300 reps all together. All you need is a cable machine and 2 cable handles. Each exercise starts out the same: first, set up the cable and make sure it’s fixed at the bottom of the cable machine with 2 handles attached, then set a weight that’s most beneficial to you. You can do 10 reps each until you get to 100 reps on each exercise.

#1 Pull Apart Curls: Stand facing the machine with your feet flat on the ground, with a stable back and torso. Then just like a normal bicep curl, keep your hands at a natural grip, but then pull apart at the top of the curl. By rotating your arm outwards it contracts the bicep more which gives you a better pump and a better workout. This is way more effective than a regular bicep curl and really challenges your bicep muscles!

#2 Hammer Curl: Start with facing the cable machine with feet planted on the ground standing straight up. Make sure not to lean back. Then with your thumbs pointing straight up and palms facing inward, no supination, curl up and squeeze.

#3 Bent Over Curl: Face the cable machine. Keep your back strong, then elongate your shoulders in front of you by getting them as far away from your body as possible. Make sure you are not retracting your shoulders back and make sure to keep them forward. If you are doing this move correctly, you should activate the front of your delt because it’s directly above your bicep muscle.

Add these 3 exercises – some of Josh Bowmar’s favorites –  into your next bicep workout and you will feel the burn! 

CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar explain each exercise.

#1: Pull Apart Curls

#2: Hammer Curl

#3: Bent Over Curl