Josh Bowmar swears by this tip he is about to share. He says this one exercise can change the whole tricep game. If you replace all of your tricep workouts with this one exercise, you will be doing yourself a favor. Read below to find out this great tip, as well as a video that will show Josh Bowmar demonstrating this tip.

First, you will need a cable machine fixed at the top, with 2 handles both connected to just one cable. Hold the handles in a hammer fist position, with your palms facing right towards and on your chest but your hand is in a tight grip and elbows are tight next to your body.

For this exercise, you will start like stated above and then you will do normal tricep curls. When you are pulling to the bottom you will flip your hands down and make sure your palms are facing to the ground. When you are doing this movement, try to pull your arms apart at the bottom as far as possible and really tighten that tricep. For example the handles that you are holding onto will only spread out so far, but try to get them to go as far as they will let you and this will ensure you get a great tricep workout.

As you go through your rep sequence, you will start to get more and more fatigued, and this tension gets less and less. The good thing is that you will still be maxing out your effort every single rep, which makes this exercise very effective. This is why Josh Bomwar recommends it!

Key points for this:
1: Use light weight
2: The pull apart motion and tension is the most important part of this exercise. Make sure to pull the handles as far and hard as possible!
3: do 5-6 sets of 20 reps

Try this tip next time you are in the gym training your triceps. You will notice the crazy pump that comes with this exercise and you will notice a difference in muscle growth.

To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate this workout CLICK HERE.