Josh Bowmar shares an ab workout that is simple but challenging to do. This is a great exercise for all fitness levels, because you can modify how challenging you want this ab workout to be. To learn more about this exercise, read below:


For this exercise, you will just need a TRX strap and a place to set it up. Josh Bowmar attached his to a cable machine; you can attach it to anything that is up high. Most gyms have somewhere you can use TRX straps like a pull up bar, cable machine, etc. You can even do these at home with just a rope!


Once you have everything set up, you will want to face away from the TRX straps with the handles in your hands, raised above your head. Then you will plant your feet, lean forward and then extend up and bring your hips forward. Make sure you get your hips in line with your head to really activate and work those abs. If you want the exercise to be easier, just step forward and if you want it to be more challenging, you will just need to step back. Move around and find the perfect placement that will work for you. If you are stepping back to make it more challenging, make sure to create that perfect angle.


This exercise provides a great contraction for your abs and is great for anyone and everyone! Josh Bowmar recommends trying this the next time you work out; you will feel the burn! This can be a great finisher to any workout.


Remember that switching up your ab workouts can give you such good results. When doing a lot of ab exercises, it is good to add in contractions too!


CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate this simple yet effective workout.