Josh Bowmar takes us through his shoulder workout at the gym, using four effective exercises. Although they’re not too crazy,  Josh Bowmar says these exercises are great when used in combination Read below to learn more and try them out next time you are in the gym:


#1 Seated Lateral Raises: For this exercise,you will need an upright bench and two dumbbells that are a comfortable weight for you to do lateral raises. Then you will sit up right and lift your arms out to your side. Make sure to go to your ears but not past them, as this will put unnecessary stress on your shoulders., 

#2 Alternating Front Raises: For the exercise, the only equipment you need is two dumbbells. . Start by standing in a comfortable and stable position. Josh Bowmar recommends standing in a staggered stance to maintain balance. Raise your arms in front of you one at a time, while keeping your palms facing towards you, with the dumbbell positioned vertically in your hands.. Josh Bowmar says that to get the most out of this exercise, you want to extend the weight as far away from your body as possible.


#3 Lying Cable Pullovers: Josh Bowmar loves this movement for shoulders. You will need a cable machine and a rope attachment fixed at the bottom. Then you will start by lying straight on the ground, with your feet at the bottom of the cable machine. Hold the rope straight with both hands without bending your elbows.. Raise your arms straight above your head, then bend your elbows to bring the cable back down safely. Lying down on the ground really helps isolate your shoulders. To save your rotator cuffs, Josh Bowmar recommends reversing out of the movement like he does. (Link for the video below)


#4 Face Pulls: This one is set up the exact same as the #3, but you will sit on the ground with legs crossed and bring the middle of the rope to your face while bending your elbows out to the side. This exercise works your rear delts and traps. Josh Bowmars tip for this workout is to pull the rope apart as far apart as you can as you’re pulling it toward your face, this will ensure maximum contraction is on the rear delts.


CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each workout!