Josh Bowmar demonstrates a great combination of working out your rear delts and your front delts. He says: “Shoulders are an example of a high endurance muscle; it takes a lot to break these bad boys down.” Think about how much you use your shoulders all day every day. That is why they are so hard to strengthen -they are already tough. This is why Josh Bowmar is sharing this combination:


First, you will need big resistance bands. Bowmar Nutrition offers xx-light, x-light, light, medium and heavy resistance bands on their site. Choose one you feel comfortable using, and attach it to something up high.Josh Bowmar has his attached to a pull up bar and it is crisscrossed, as shown in the demonstration video below! Once the band is set up: 


Start with the first exercise. You will grab both sides of the band and you can adjust your hands to a perfect resistance for you. Then you will pull your hands as far away from each other as possible, while keeping your arms straight.


Then the second exercise will be with a double cable machine. You will need it to be fixed at the bottom with handles attached. Next, face away from the machine with both hands holding a handle. Keeping your palms up, you will raise one arm in front of you and switch.


DO 350-400 reps in 45 mins for your shoulders before you even think about leaving the gym. If you follow that rule, you’ll crush it every time and you will feel it for sure!


To watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each of these exercises, CLICK HERE and make sure to watch his form closely. Try this combo out next time you are in the gym working on your shoulders!