This workout that Josh Bowmar is sharing is great for burning and building those glute muscles. Give it a try next time you are working out your lower body and you will definitely feel the burn! This exercise is called an unstable lunge. Read below to find out how to do this exercise, and learn why Josh Bowmar likes to do it!


What’s an Unstable Lunge and how do you do it?

For this exercise, you will need a squat rack, and plates that are a comfortable weight for regular squatting.  You should also attach heavy bands to each end of the barbell with added weight hanging from them. For example: Josh Bowmar used Bowmar Nutrition’s heavy bands with 25 lb plates hanging with a total weight of 185lbs.


Once you’re all set up for a weight that is comfortable to you, put the barbell on your back to make sure you are stable. Once you feel ready, lunge one foot at a time: right leg forward, come back up, left leg forward and come back up. While you are lunging, you will try to stay as stable as possible. It is a challenge but it will be worth it!


Josh Bowmar also says: this instability will activate your glutes in so many new ways. You won’t believe how sore it’ll make you. This exercise reaches many hard to reach places because it is quite the challenge. If you don’t want to put too much weight on the barbell, you can do this with just the bar and a weight hanging, but make sure to use resistance bands on each side! This workout won’t be too easy but you should at least give it a chance.


This is a great exercise for stronger glutes. Give it a try, you won’t regret it! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate the unstable lunges, CLICK HERE