Josh Bowmar demonstrates three shoulder exercises with tips! Give these exercises a try next time you are hitting shoulders. Read below to learn more:


#1 Shoulder Bombs: This is one of Josh Bowmar’s favorite shoulder workouts. For this workout, you will need two dumbbells at an appropriate weight that still challenges you. You will start out with the dumbbells down, but behind your back. Then, you will push your arms out and all the way around and touch the dumbbells at the top. This one is Josh Bowmar’s favorite because it’s a great exercise for building a well defined cap.


#2 Seated Cable High Pull: (with an added lateral raise at the peak of the contraction) For this one, you will need a cable pull machine. First, you will extend your arms straight out in front of you and pull back. While you are pulling back, you will push your elbows out and up. Josh Bowmar loves doing these on shoulder days. It takes a lot of stress off your rotator cuff because you are not fighting compressing gravity on your ligaments. If you get aches in your shoulders, you should try this exercise out!


#3 Seated Front Raises to the Top: First, grab yourself a weighted plate and make sure it’s a good fit for you and this workout. Then, sit on the front of a bench, bringing the weight down and in front of you with both hands gripping the sides. Then you will keep your arms straight and bring it to the top. Once you hit the top, bend your arms and slowly take it back down in front of you and repeat. Josh Bowmar recommends doing this workout as a finisher because it BURNS.


Josh Bowmar’s tips for this exercise: Make sure to reverse out. It makes it easier on your rotator cuffs. Another tip is to keep your thumbs pointed away from you. This will help keep your biceps from taking over the workload and keep you from hitting yourself in the head with the plate! With this one, it doesn’t matter the weight. You can do 10, 25, 35, 45, 55, Josh Bowmar did 90!

To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these click below:

Exercise 1 & 2

Exercise 3