#1 Cable Pushdown with 2 Handles: for this workout you will need two handle attachments, and a cable machine with the attachments fixed at the top. Once you are ready, you will start with a regular push down. But the most important part of this exercise comes next, when you pull the handles apart as far and hard as you can at the extension of the movement. When you pull the handles apart, there’s a fixed distance they go and stop, which allows you to apply maximum force against immovable resistance. This means you’ll be able to reach “max out effort” with every rep in the lateral direction without changing the weight.


Josh Bowmar recommends: super set with workout #2:


#2 Cable Pushdowns with 2 Handles: this workout is similar to the one above, and the set up is the exact same. Josh Bowmar says, “For this workout, the key is to keep the handles pulled apart throughout the entire movement. This will operate two planes of motion at the same time.” This is very difficult for your brain and body to do, and can cause more hypertrophy. You want to keep the tension by pulling apart and going up and down at the same time. Doing this will allow you to lift a lot less weight and still get an insane workout for your triceps. And it will over exhaust the muscle twice as fast, if not faster.


#3 Tricep Extensions: This exercise has the exact same set up as the ones above. For this exercise, you will need to face away from the cable machine, lean forward with the handles above your head, and push them straight out. Josh Bowmar recommends keeping your elbows flared out. This puts more tension on the lateral head.


#4 Decline Skullcrushers: for this workout, you will need a bench that adjusts. Start by setting the bench in the declined down position. You will also need a barbell that is an appropriate weight for you. Once you’re set up, you will lie on the bench with the bar above your chest. Then, bend your elbows and bring the barbell down to your forehead. The decline will give you more range of motion, allowing the triceps to stretch even further. And with an arched back, you will take your abs out of the equation, putting a greater focus on your triceps.

Try this workout next time you are training triceps at the gym! To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each one CLICK HERE.