Josh Bowmar demonstrates 3 core exercises that are guaranteed to BURN! They will also help shape and tone your abs but are mostly focused on lower abs and obliques. Read below to see these three exercises by Josh Bowmar:


#1: Hanging leg raises: For this exercise, you will just need a pull up bar. Once you are hanging from the bar, you will pull your knees to your chest. Josh Bowmar’s tips for this workout: The key is to control the movement. Slowly bring your legs up to your chest and slowly lower them back down. Try not to swing your legs and be sure to brace your core muscles prior to raising your knees up, Give it a try!

CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate it.


#2 Weighted Leg Raises: For this exercise, you will also need some kind of pull up bar or something to hang from. You will also need a belt with a plate attached to it. Once you are ready to go, you will hang from the bars and keep your body straight. Then you will bring your legs up while keeping them straight out. Josh Bowmar recommends this workout because it is challenging and great for defining your abs. You will definitely feel it the next day! Try this out the next time you are working out your core. To watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate this workout, CLICK HERE!


#3 Oblique work: This exercise is almost like the last two. You will start out by hanging from a pull up bar. Then you will raise your legs up, keeping them straight. Bring them up straight out in front of you and then you will tilt side to side using those oblique muscles. Twist your legs and hips side to side and you will feel that intense burn in your sides! Try this one out to get some definition in your oblique muscles. To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate, CLICK HERE.