Josh Bowmar likes to train like an athlete, so when he does you know it’s intense! Josh Bowmar likes to incorporate intense exercises like the one below into his routine about three times a week for good performance results. This workout will get your heart rate up and give you a total body burn, especially in your chest and shoulders.. These are great for finishing a chest or shoulder workout. It will leave you with a really good pump and it will help make sure you got a good workout in! Read below for this intense finisher:


This exercise is called explosive toe touch push ups! It sounds scary but bear with me, you will start out by touching your toes and then falling forward but catching yourself in a push-up position. Once you’re in the push-up position, you will continue to go through with a push-up, continuing through the push-up to throw yourself back up on your feet and touch your toes. You will not need to stand up fully. Just touch your toes and repeat. This is so good for a great burn, and doing workouts like this can help improve your athletic performance and abilities. Trying new exercises like this can also hit muscles you have never hit before, which means your muscles will grow stronger and bigger!


This exercise can be done at any time in your workout, but Josh Bowmar recommends doing this at the end, which is why it is known as a finisher workout. Try to do at least 3 sets, then keep going, until you can’t do any more. You won’t regret it!. Try this finisher  the next time you are in the gym. It won’t be perfect or easy, but that is okay. Give it a try anyway. There is always room for improvement!