Josh Bowmar shows three tricep workouts that are going to destroy your triceps (in the best way possible). You will need a cable machine for each of these exercises, give these workouts a try the next time you’re in the gym!


#1 Tricep Pull with a twist: For this one, you will need the rope attachment and the machine will need to be fixed close to the bottom but not all the way to the ground. Once this is set up for you, set it at an appropriate weight. Then you will grab each side of the rope with both hands and carefully bring it above your head, making sure you are not hurting your back. Once you have it over your head you will bend your arms and make sure your hands are going straight behind your head with your shoulders pointing out. From there, you will straighten your arms above your head and repeat!


#2 Tricep Pull with a twist: This one is also a tricep pull but it is slightly different. You will also need the rope attachment and it will need to be fixed at about the same height as you. Once it’s set, bring it above your head but instead of pushing up you will lunge your body forward one foot in front to balance you out. This will make sure your back is straight but at an angle. Once you are in a good position, you will pull the rope with your arms bent and then you will straighten them out keeping your head down.


#3 Tricep Extension with a twist: For this one, you will need the single rope attachment fixed at the top. YouOnce it is set up, your stance will need to be to the side. For example: the arm you will be using will be facing away from the machine and the one you aren’t using will be facing the machine. Keep your legs at a wide stance to make sure you are stable and use your core to make sure you have good posture. Then with the opposite hand grab the rope and do tricep extensions from there.


1: Coming across your body helps with the eccentric part of the movement because your arm is stopped by your body recruiting less of the rear delts to help with workload.

2: Slight extension with the finishing part to the movement. Your triceps are bi-articular,  which means they go across two joints. In this situation, it goes across both your elbow and your shoulder. So working both joints will be optimal for hitting every part of the tricep, specifically your long head and your lateral head.


You will be surprised at what a little movement change can do! Try these out!


To see Josh Bowmar demonstrate these exercises, click below!


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