Follow along with Josh Bowmar while he shows three bicep workouts with one extra tricep workout. This workout is great with Bowmar Nutrition PRE as well for that extra pump!


#1 High Cable Curls: First, you will need a cable machine with the handle attachment. Set the weight to an appropriate weight that challenges you. Next, you will want to have the cable fixed right above arm level when you are standing up. Then, while holding onto the handle you stand far enough away that you can straighten your arm out, you can also stabilize yourself with the other side of the cable machine. From there, you will straighten your arm and do regular curls. Josh Bowmar says, “The most important thing with this exercise is keeping your middle finger right down the middle of your front delt. This will help get full bicep activation.” 


#2 Crab Curls: For this exercise you will also need the cable machine, but use 2 handle attachments this time and keep it fixed at the top. Start out by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and hold onto the handles. Get your hands as far away from your body as possible; think about it being a “long stretch.” This will automatically put your arms in a proper position. Now, when you do the curl, you want the back of your hands to touch one another at the completion of the curl. Doing this will force the biceps to be targeted and it would also limit the body’s ability to recruit a second muscle to help with the workload. It’s a true bicep isolation exercise!


#3 Concentration Curls: For this exercise, you will just need a heavier dumb bell and you will be standing up, legs wide and lean forward with one arm curling the dumbbell and the other resting on the knee, The biggest thing is you need to make sure your elbows are drifting forward at the completion of the curl. Your bicep enters under your front delt so in order to get a full bicep contraction your front delt needs to be activated!


BONUS #4 Bent Over Tricep Extensions: You will need a cable machine fixed at the top with the rope attachment. Lean forward with good posture and then do tricep extensions! Josh Bowmar says that leaning over can give you more range of motion with a better stretch than a traditional standing tricep extension.


CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise. Try this workout next time you are in the gym training biceps!