Josh Bowmar goes through a unique chest workout! These unique workouts will hit muscles that you may have never hit before! He recommends trying these workouts on your next chest day, read below to learn about each one.


#1 Reverse Grip Chest Raise:

For this exercise you will need a barbell and a bench. The bench should be positioned at about a 45-degree angle. Lying back on the bench, you will need to hold the barbell down by your hips, with your palms facing upwards and both hands will be outside of your hip bones.  Josh Bowmar says: “The key here, and what makes this exercise work so effectively, is to press your hands inward as if you were trying to slide your hands together, except don’t actually move your hands. You want to keep that tension throughout the entire movement. This inward tension is all out effort. The more inward tension you apply, the better this will work! And make sure to keep your chest “puffed up” towards the ceiling, never letting it collapse. If you collapse your chest, this will be nothing but a shoulder exercise. Think of a cable pulling your chest to the ceiling.”


#2 Plate Squeezes:

First, you will need a bench and a plate of your choice. The bench will also be positioned at about a 45-degree angle. While lying on the bench, you will hold the plate with both hands placed flat on each side of the plate. Then, you will push the plate out in front of you and slowly move the plate down and push it all the way to the top, above your head. Josh Bowmar’s tips:  Keep the plate from slipping with the pressure from your palms and not your fingers. Really squeeze your hands together throughout the whole movement, don’t curl your fingers, keep them straight. This will keep your chest the primary focus during this exercise. This inward tension and movement will absolutely destroy your whole chest with an emphasis on the inner chest along your sternum.


#3 Plate Push Ups:

This workout makes a regular push up 10x harder. You will need two plates and a bench. Then you will put the plates standing up, while holding onto them in a push up position, with one foot on the bench and the other foot you are holding up. Having to stabilize and balance your weight on one foot while on the end of plates will stimulate your chest far beyond any normal push up ever could. Josh Bowmar doesn’t recommend jumping right into these without working your way up to them. An easier version to start with would be to put your feet on the ground with a wide stance. Then as you get stronger, move your feet in closer and closer until you can lift one off the ground.


#4 Scorpion Clap Pushups:

This is one of the most challenging push up variations, you will just need a TRX strap! You will have both feet in the strap while doing push up claps. Josh Bowmar likes to do this exercise because by doing these with your feet in the TRX band, it will not only hit your chest, but due to the instability of the exercise it will also hit your core. Make sure to keep your chest up and out. When you get tired, your sternum will collapse to recruit more shoulders and triceps.


CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each workout. Give this workout a try!