Josh Bowmar goes over four core workouts, two and three are advanced! Give these workouts a try next time you are training your core at the gym! Read below to learn more:


#1 SuperFly Crunches:

This workout is one of Josh Bowmar’s favorites. All you need is a cable machine fixed at the top. It’s easy to set up and it’ll tear your abs up with no pressure on your spine. Josh Bowmar’s tips for this exercise: rotate your pelvis toward your sternum, this will put an emphasis on your lower abs. Most people have weak lower abs and dominant hip flexors because they don’t actually rotate their pelvis. They bring their legs and knees towards their body, but never actually go to the point where their pelvis rotates. If you’re trying this exercise for the first time, make sure you go heavier and not lighter- it’ll make it a little easier on you.


#2 Front Lever Bicycles (alternating legs):

For Josh Bowmar being 6′ 3″ 220lbs this was one of the hardest exercises to get strong enough to do. If you’re not quite strong enough to do these yet, that’s okay, it took years of training for Josh to be able to do them. First, you will need a pull up bar or any bar you can do a front lever on. Once you are in a front lever position, you will bring one leg up to your chest with the other leg straight out. Then, alternate legs. Josh Bowmar recommends: trying to master any movement is to break it down into smaller sub-movements and perfect those first. Identify where your weaknesses lie and dial in on them! When Josh Bowmar trains abs, he likes to add in crazy full body exercises like this that challenge your muscle firing patterns in unique ways and are challenging for the overall body weight strength. This makes training abs more fun!


#3 Pass Through:

Josh Bowmar loves this exercise because there are a lot of different levels you can attempt. For this workout, you would need 2 benches close enough together that you can hold yourself up in between them. Then you will push your legs out in front of you and go through and push them behind you without touching the ground. This level would be one of the most extreme with not touching your feet in the front or back of the movement, but if you want to try a simpler version of this, Josh Bowmar recommends:  “Just touch your feet in the back and the front. From there, progress where you only touch in the front. Eventually you will build up enough strength and coordination to do a touch-less pass through!”


#4 Dumbbell Ab Butterflies:

For this workout, you would just need a bench and a dumb bell. You sit on the bench, put the dumbbell in between your feet and do in and outs. Hold the front of the bench, lay all the way out and crunch your upper body and legs together at the top!


CLICK HERE to watch Josh Bowmar explain each one. Give this workout a try the next time you are at the gym training core!