Josh Bowmar goes through three single leg movements that he does to challenge his leg muscles! He had to work his way up to being able to do these exercises. Josh Bowmar couldn’t do them the first time he tried, but after staying consistent and training these movements every single day, he is now able to do them. If you aren’t able to do these movements, use that as motivation to stay consistent! These workouts are not for beginners but you can do them with training and consistency. Josh Bowmar demonstrates each one of these movements in the link at the bottom of this blog.

#1-Jumping Elevated Lunges: For this exercise, Josh bowmar uses just a bench and only body weight. First, you will put one foot back on the bench, with the other lunged forward. Then you will do a deep lunge with your hands rested on the back of your head and jump with your front foot as much as possible. Use as much power as you can with that front foot and try to bring your knee up to your chest as high as you can. Do as many as you can until you can’t anymore, then switch legs. Trust me, this one BURNS!

#2- Single Leg Squat with Battle Ropes: For this movement Josh Bowmar uses just the battle ropes. First, you will start with one leg squats and the battle ropes. Do as many one legged squats as you can while using the battle ropes at the same time. When you can’t do it anymore, switch legs. This one takes a lot of coordination and balance, give it a try!

#3-Weighted Step Overs with DB: With this exercise Josh Bowmar uses a heavy dumbbell and the bench. First, start out with holding the dumbbell with both hands and have your front foot on the bench. Then you will step over to the other side of the bench and back. Keep doing that until you can’t anymore and switch legs. This one will BURN your quads. Try it out!

Next time you are in the gym, give these movements a try and remember it’s okay if you can’t do them. Keep pushing yourself!

CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each movement.