Josh Bowmar takes you through a great leg circuit to try on your next leg day. You will feel the burn through the whole workout! For all of these exercises, you will need a bench and a heavy dumb bell that is comfortable to you. To watch Josh Bowmar demonstrate each one, click the link at the bottom. Each exercise will be explained below:

#1 – Bulgarian Split Squat with DB: This exercise starts out in a lunge position, with your back leg elevated on the bench. Hold the dumbbell in the same hand as the foot that is elevated back, with the weight above your head and arm straight up. When you lunge, try to get as low as possible! 5×5 with heavy weight and switch legs when done.

#2 – Bulgarian Split Squats Snatches: (you can substitute snatches with thrusters) This exercise starts out the same as the one above, but you will be jumping with your front foot at the top of the lunge and bringing the weight down to your foot and then snatching it up to the top! 5×5 with heavy weight and switch legs when done. If you have never tried this exercise, make sure you are training your legs with workouts like: leg extension, leg curls, adductions/abductions, etc., before moving on to this exercise.

#3 – Weighted Step Overs with DB: In this exercise, you will have your front foot on the bench and the other leg on the ground behind it. Then you will switch your foot that’s on the ground to the other side of the bench. Perform this exercise holding a dumbbell in both hands. 5×5 with heavy weight and switch legs when done.

Josh Bowmar recommends trying these exercises out because it is a killer workout and you will for sure feel the burn! Try it out next time you are training legs. You won’t t regret it once you see the pump it gives you.

Workout Tips:

Josh Bowmar thinks when training any muscle there needs to be a balance of strength and athleticism. Having strength and balance is so important, especially when you get older. Josh does exercises like the workout above to challenge his stability. He also likes to start out with heavy compound movements like squats and does 5 sets and 5 reps and then move on to exercises like the ones explained above. He says he gets the best results by exercising that way.

CLICK HERE to see Josh Bowmar demonstrate each exercise.